About the conference


The 8th international Conference on Safety and Durability of Structures - ICOSADOS 2018 is an event which its extended scope enables scientific discussion on safety and durability of buildings, water engineering and other infrastructures. The conference integrates various sectors of construction professionals: engineers, architects, designers, technicians, contractors, researchers and students. This creates the opportunity to present actual problems and solutions from these domains based on scientific research and application of modern technologies, materials and diagnostic methods.

Hope you can join us

We would like to invite you to participate. The Conference will be held at the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Faculty of Environment and Civil engineering, located in Jelgava, in the centre of Latvia. Authors are invited to submit a full paper by 05.02.2018.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Jelgava, in May 2018.

The conference scope includes a wide range of topics such as:

> S1 - Degradation: diagnostics and evaluation methods
> S2 - Structural, physical and material characterisation
> S3 - Numerical modelling
> S4 - Natural and man-made risks
> S5 - Requirements and code provisions
> S6 - Assessment, conservation, repair and strengthening
> S7 - Case studies